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"We absolutely LOVE it here! It's like family as soon as you walk in the door! The coaches are absolutely amazing and love what they do and love the kids like they are their own! We couldn't be more happy with this amazing cheer place!" - Sarah Reed

Puma Cheer is a competitive cheer gym with a close family atmosphere. We pride ourselves on sharing our love for cheerleading in a safe, friendly environment.   Building strength, confidence, trust and a family atmosphere is our specialty at Puma Cheer.  We recognize that every child is gifted. Their gifts just open up at different times. 

Our staff is made up of mature cheer industry professionals with a solid background in safety education.  We believe that physical fitness plays an important role in the life of children.  Our instructional philosophy centers around teaching the perfection of a skill before we encourage them to progress to the next level.  We know that in order for a team to be successful, they must practice a lot.  In order to practice a lot we must avoid injuries. Applying the perfection before progression teaching technique is how we keep the athletes in our programs as safe as possible.  

"Love the Pawsitivty we receive and love, love, love our coaches!  Also they offer prep to all star so you can find the exact right option for you! And modesty is best their uniforms cover their bellies! They also do confidence clinics to teach the girls to be themselves and love themselves!" - Brandi Merritt

"This place is amazing. The coaches and staff care about your kidos. You are a part of a cheer family when you step through these doors. My kids have gained so much but confidence, grit, tenacity, and being of service. These are just some of the life lessons they learn when they step on the mat. They take the time to show them what responsibility looks like and how to be productive members of society. Puma cheer is building my girls up and helping to strengthen them. As women of color this so important and we are blessed to be apart of this positive outlet.💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜" - Cheri Keenan

"Great coaches! Great facility! and a good value compared to other cheer programs. We're proud of the classy uniforms and the way they teach the girls about lots more than cheer: competing and earning your opportunities, teamwork and friendship, and work ethic. Keep up the great work!" - Kristopher Yglesias

Our cheer and tumbling programs spotlight other life lessons that are even more important than just physical fitness.  We show our athletes how to build their self confidence by consistently raising our objectives as a team and teaching athletes to not just meet those expectations, but to also surpass their goals.  

Teamwork is another highlighted life lesson that is a keystone of our Puma program.  Learning how to work with others, communicate well, and cooperate in a team setting are vital life lessons.  These lessons help our athletes grow in their skills and in their relationships.  This type of instruction carries over to our athletes having more success in their school work and thriving in social settings.  

About Us

"This is one of the best Gyms in the area! They focus on the whole child teaching confidence, teamwork and positivity while learning PROPER AND SAFE skills!" - Hillary White